The most important thing on this website is -

"We Value your Privacy"

The type of this website is a free and public website , do not collect anything important from users and visitors. for detail

We do not collect

  • Your location
  • Personal Data
  • Login data (no need to login)
  • other credentials
  • and the most things
What we collect
  • As from this website , we do not collect anything except
  • your country code (to validate you are fit or not to see the contents)
  • and your ISP ip address (to get common data like timezone)
But 3rd party campaigns may use your some public data
For example we use -
  1. Google Adsense for adverts
    and it may use your public data if you are turning on its options
    you can check your privacy for google at
  2. Google Analytics for getting website stats
    and it may does as Google Adsense
  3. Facebook for comments and Likes
    we must use some facebook plugins for your convenient to like it or comment on it and also it may use your data in its legal way committed by you. You can check at -
There is no hidden usage of your privacy except as we declared above.